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GATE Information

G.A.T.E. Information

G.A.T.E. Information



You’ve heard this term before, but never quite understood what it means – what it’s about, or what’s in it for your child?

GATE is an acronym for Gifted and Talented Education. Through the Rocklin Unified School District, GATE identifies gifted and high achieving students and provides them with high quality differentiated instructional opportunities for learning, which meet the needs of these students’ unique abilities.

If you feel your child may be a candidate for the GATE program, you are encouraged to refer your child for GATE testing. Talk to your child’s teacher, as they can also refer students for GATE testing. Referral forms are available in the school office. Testing occurs in the fall (for 2nd – 12th grades) and the spring (for 1st graders). Make up testing will occur in early December. Shortly after the tests have been given, you will receive a letter from the district informing you if your child is eligible for GATE. You will then be given the opportunity to have your child identified as a GATE student. Parents have two options for a GATE identified student at the elementary school level. You may choose to have your child placed in self-contained GATE classes at Rocklin Elementary School, the following school year, on a space available basis. Secondly, you may choose to stay at your child’s neighborhood school and be placed into a GATE cluster in the regular classroom, the following school year, with teachers who are specially trained to meet the needs of these students. Whether your child is “gifted” or an advanced learner, making sure they are recognized as GATE ensures that your child will be adequately “challenged” for their unique learning abilities.

It is our commitment, pride, and joy as teachers and parents to offer the greatest opportunities to our students and children.
GATE Testing Request (2nd Grade - 12th Grade)

If you have any questions relating to GATE, please do not hesitate to contact, William McDonald, the RUSD GATE coordinator at 916-630-3307 or by e-mail.