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Student and Staff Safety

Rocklin Unified School District is committed to student and staff safety. We implement a variety of protocols in preparation for a variety of emergency situations.  Each and every year, we review our safety plans and determine areas for improvement. With changes in first responder training, we identified the need to have a comprehensive plan for active violence response. We work cooperatively with local law enforcement and fire to create a multi-year plan to address this need. To prepare for an active violence situation, RUSD implements the Run, Hide, Fight protocol. Staff train students in this  protocol at the beginning of each year. There are five presentations based on grade level. Below are links for parents to help navigate the conversations and follow-up discussions at home. 
Why Run, Hide, Fight?
The United States Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, California Office Of Emergency Services, and local law enforcement agencies recommend the Run, Hide, Fight protocol in response to an active shooter situation.
What does Run, Hide, Fight Mean?
Parent Helpful Links:
Helping Children Cope
Shari Anderson
Principal of Valley View Elementary School
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