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3rd Grade Kid Links


Third Grade

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Macmillan 3rd Grade Science Book

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AAA Math Macmillan 3rd Grade Science Activities Ben's Guide to the Government

Academic Skill Builder Math Arty the Astronaut Biographies
Addition Memory Game Astronomy Christopher Columbus Facts/Quiz
AplusMath Bats Bats Everywhere The First Americans
Cool Math Cool Science Rocklin, CA
Fact Families (Multiplication and Division) Earth and Moon Viewer Rocklin History
Feeding Time (Clock Practice) KidsAstronomy
FLASHCARDS:  Addition Let's Talk About Insects State Quiz
FLASHCARDS:  Subtraction Magic School Bus: Space State Quiz #2
FLASHCARDS:  Division NASA Website USA Games (Place the State)
FLASHCARDS:  Rounding NASA's Kids Science News Network World Map Quiz
Funbrain - Third Grade New Horizon Mission to Pluto Oregon Trail Game
Harcourt Math - Third Grade List Penguin Games General:
Hidden Picture Addition Penguins Dairy Council of California - Kids Games
IXL Math for 3rd Grade    
Math Magician Planet Size Comparisons Dairy Council - The Dairy Farm Video
Math Playground Solar System Dance Mat Typing
Math Videos  by Math Playground Solar System Exploration Enchanted Learning
Regrouping Lesson - Addition Solar System - Planets Fact Monster Homework Center
Regrouping Lesson - Subtraction Space Place Funbrain
Spacey Math Virtual Journey  into the Universe Funschool
Telling Time - Half Past & Quarters   HM Education Place
Telling Time Practice Grammar and Reading: Kid Info
Blackdog's Time Clock Academic Skill Builder Grammar PBS (games) Book Adventure Phil Tulga Website
Fractions: Funbrain - Idioms Seussville
Fraction Bar Grammar Activities Time for Kids
Fraction Matching Grammar Blast Typer Shark
Fractions:  Pizza Party Grammar Exercises Virtual Field Trips
Tony Fraction's Pizza Shop Grammar Games Action All Stars
Visual Fractions Grammar Glossary

Mrs. Lohse:

Visualize Fractions Homophone Game Power Point Project
  Homophone Match Game  
Money: Homophone Quiz Reference:
Counting Money Maggie's Learning Adventure ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA
Counting Money - Holidays Online Storytellers - BookPALS         Username:  rocklin  Password:  library
Money Matching Prepositional Phrase Game - Harcourt Valley View AR Quiz List
Money Project Punctuation Paintball Valley View Library Catalog
  Scholastic Kids  
Multiplication: Sentence Puzzles Mrs. Gardner's Science Project:
Dosity - Multiplication Sets Subject and Predicate - Millionaire Game

FLASHCARDS:  Multiplication Subject and Predicate Practice

Math Magician Vocabulary Pinball

Math Magician - Multiplication Word Master

Multiflyer - Space Mission What Should I Read Next?

Multiplication Mystery    
Multiplying - Calculating Crew    

Special Class Projects

Castles: Iditarod Websites: Iditarod Activities:
Castles and Knights 2010 Winners - Picture Gallery Be a Musher
Castles for Kids 2010 Winners Dogsledding 101
Castles Links 2011 Musher Listing Free Iditarod Videos
Castles of Britain 2010 Ceremonial Start of Race Video Iditarod Puzzle
Castles on the Web 2010 Iditarod Start of Race - CNN Video Iditarod Scavenger Hunt Quiz
Ghosts in the Castle 2011 Race Updates Iditarod Tour Virtual Field Trip
Kids' Castles 2011 Television Station Coverage with Videos Iditarod Word Search
Make a Coat of Arms Alaska Daily News - Iditarod Online Iditarod Quiz Scholastic-Iditarod Activities
  Iditarod Slideshow  
  Video 2009 Race  
  Videos ~ List of Free Videos